Tangled wool and slider puzzles

When I was little I used to love doing puzzles

Slider puzzles gave me the most satisfaction, I guess because they were quick to solve.

I had three of them and would spend hours solving the puzzles then scrambling them up again so I could have another go.

It appealed to the logical side of me you see.

The side that likes to create order out of chaos.

The side that gets pleasure out of unravelling a tangled ball of wool.

The side that loves solving maths problems.

And the side that had me so addicted to candy crush that the only way out was to delete it from my phone!

The root of the problem

It is also the side of me that loves the challenge of seeing a new patient.

Going through their history, finding out what’s going on in every system of their body and seeing how it all fits together with their symptoms until…


The root of the problem becomes clear and the solution is found.

I love it!

And so the pieces of that puzzle slide gently into place.

Fine Tuning

Sometimes, that metaphorical number 7 stays stuck on the first row.

Then we have to re-evaluate, change tactics and coax it gently into its rightful place.

And that’s when you achieve 100% health.

This blog and my work are dedicated to helping YOU unravel the knots that are your symptoms and finding natural solutions that will allow you to achieve your best health possible.

Yours in health,

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