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Naturopathy is the most comprehensive natural health-care system in the holistic field. It incorporates medical herbalism, nutrition, flower essences, EFT, iridology, massage and reiki. It is a complete health science which analyses the underlying causes of disease, then uses a combination of herbs, nutritional supplements, dietary changes, flower essences, energy psychology and body work to bring the body back to optimum health. Naturopathy is also a form of education arming you with the knowledge you need to achieve and maintain a sense of total well-being.

A bit about me…

Women's Health Brighton, SussexI studied in Australia and Japan where Naturopathy is taught to the highest level and complementary therapies are studied alongside Western medical sciences. To date I have achieved over a 95% success rate with my clients. Testimonials

My style is totally open and confidential. I get to the root of the problem then work with you to create a realistic and effective treatment plan.

I am a member of the British Register of Complementary Practitioners, an organisation that exacts a high standard of training and ethics from its members, assuring you of the highest level of professionalism at all times.



Women’s Health

I have worked in clinics in Brighton and London for the last 20 years and was drawn to women’s health when I realised how many women were “suffering in silence” with hormonal issues that could very easily be overcome with naturopathy.

When I asked women about their menstrual cycles most said that they were ‘normal’, but digging deeper I realised that what many considered to be normal was pain, mood swings and extreme fatigue; all symptoms that natural PMT treatments could alleviate.

At the same time I saw an increasing number of women who were looking for alternative therapies for conditions which orthodox medicine could do little to help. Women with endometriosis, for example, were given artificial hormones (in the form of the pill) to try and suppress their symptoms: this was not a satisfactory solution for those wanting to start a family. Natural endometriosis treatments on the other hand focus on bringing the hormones back into balance, which not only relieves their symptoms but also greatly increases their chances of having a normal pregnancy. I also found an interesting correlation between endometriosis and ME. As orthodox medicine offers little in the way of help for this debilitating condition, more people are turning to natural medicine for ME. In many of the women who consulted with me, I found that balancing their hormones to first relieve their symptoms of endometriosis, resulted in massive improvements in their symptoms of ME as well.

Balancing hormones is also the key to success when using complementary therapies for PCOS, and a return of monthly periods naturally eliminates the associated infertility, without the need for drugs.

Similarly, women suffering with interstitial cystitis were being offered repeated doses of antibiotics or painkillers, neither of which were tackling the root cause of the problem: many found that the dietary changes and natural cystitis remedies I prescribed were not only very effective at providing relief from the pain and discomfort, but also cleared their symptoms completely in the long term.

Alongside hormonal problems, many of the women I saw were suffering with stress and other related illnesses. I found that herbal remedies for anxiety were extremely effective at helping them overcome these, giving them back the confidence they needed to enjoy their lives more fully.

Brighton Natural Solutions has an extensive client base in Brighton, Shoreham, Worthing, Lewes, Newhaven & Eastbourne with women travelling from all across East & West Sussex for our complementary therapies to their health issues. Skype, Zoom or telephone consultations are also available for those who wish to consult from further afield, both nationally and internationally.