Lack of Energy

I was very low in energy and a friend recommended that I visit Jill. I also had a very short menstrual cycle and problems with my digestion (amongst other things).

I have been seeing Jill for almost a year and I am amazed at how much better I feel. I am so grateful to Jill for all her help and support.

I now have quite a lot of energy and enthusiasm for life. I feel excited about all the things I can now do. It’s fantastic and I can hardly believe it! I wake up feeling excited at what the day may bring instead of feeling depressed and having to drag myself out of bed. I am also a lot more balanced emotionally for the first time in my life. I can honestly say I have never felt better!
Catherine Lucktaylor, 34, Artist


In May 2002 my health was to change dramatically after 18 years.

In 1998 after years of battling with Doctors I was diagnosed with Endometriosis. My health up until then was dominated by my periods and beyond that time the pain and symptoms of endo continued. 4 operations later and still no let up. I was so totally crippled by pain in March and April of this year that I took the decision to stop work: either I took control of my health and situation now, or risk spending the next 18 years with the same experiences. This was not an option.

My symptoms at this stage had reached a definite debilitating pattern; painful ovulation resulting in mid-cycle bleeding, swollen breasts, water retention, severe back pain, period pains, nausea which almost certainly led to sickness and diarrhoea on the first day, with more than likely a fainting spell and then pain like no other; in probably 9 out of 10 periods I would be bed bound for at least two days. In some months the bleeding would be so heavy that at times I feared I was experiencing a miscarriage. Most months I prayed for this to take place at the weekend in order that it would not have an effect on my “normal life”. This was no longer “normal”.

I took time out to research the best route possible. I no longer had any faith in conventional medicine, 4 operations had not made any difference and I felt that further risk was getting greater. At 32 I realised if the option was still available to me to have children I wanted to take that – time was running out. I was then introduced to Jill Piercy: an hour’s consultation and I already felt I had made the right choice. Instead of somebody handing me over a packet of pills, or writing off to send me to hospital to meet yet another gynaecologist, Jill took down details of all my symptoms and my lifestyle up until the point of being in that consultation room. Her approach was calm, friendly and what stood out was her confidence in being able to work with me to resolve my symptoms. Nobody had ever said to me “what I want to try and do is balance your hormones rather then replace them”. Simple but in 6 months of working with Jill recently I was able to admit with the greatest of thanks to Jill that for the first time in my life I feel I am in control of my periods not the other way around.  
Rachel D’Cruze, 32, Legal Secretary – Natural Endometriosis Treatment

Looking at the above I can hardly believe that I wrote it 10 years ago…a lot has happened. I worked with Jill for over a year and she did as mentioned balance my hormones. My body responded quickly to the herbs (despite the vile taste!) and my periods became manageable and dare I say it normal. 3 years afterwards despite the now obvious symptoms, I discovered I was pregnant. Literally 7 weeks pregnant I had missed a period and hadn’t even realised!

Finding Jill gave me the opportunity of becoming a mother and for that, I am truly grateful and feel blessed. Grace is 6 this July and I could not be happier: she is a beautiful, funny and smart girl and I am one lucky lady. Thank you Jill Piercy from the bottom of my heart.

Rachel D’Cruze, Founder & Owner Sell It Mama!




When I met Jill I had been suffering from headaches for nearly ten years. I would get one or two headaches of varying intensity every week, and around the time of my period these would escalate into migraines. At times the migraines would last for three days and I would have to hide away in a dark room, barely able to function. After two months on the herbs, I am pleased to report that the migraines have stopped completely and I have only had three mild headaches that went within an hour without the use of any painkillers! Thank you Jill!

Tania Charles, 31, full-time mum of 3

Anxiety & Panic Attacks

I had been having panic attacks for three months when a friend recommended that I see Jill. I felt extreme anxiety every day, along with chest pains, shakes, breathlessness and palpitations. After an hour’s consultation with Jill I already felt calmer. I found her approach compassionate and reassuring. She prescribed me a herbal tincture which I had to take three times a day. The calming effect of the herbs was almost immediate and didn’t leave me feeling tired as other medicines had done. Within two weeks the panic attacks had stopped, and after two months the anxiety had disappeared as well. I still keep a bottle of Jill’s magic potion in the cupboard in case I start to feel anxious again, but three months on, I haven’t needed to use it.
Sue Harrison, 24, Student


It’s a miracle! After two months of taking Jill’s herbal remedy I had my first pain-free period in eight years! I also feel a lot calmer and in control of my emotions, where before I felt angry and aggressive. I have more energy and mental clarity and no longer feel depressed. I would definitely recommend Jill to anyone who has PMT.
C.M., 25, BioChemist


I first visited Jill in 2006 when I was suffering very badly with the symptoms of ME.  Jill was the only practitioner that took the time to understand me as a person and looked at every aspect of my life in the context of the illness.  Since that day my health has continued to improve and when my GP told me that there was no cure for this debilitating disease, Jill found ways of proving that statement wrong.  Today I am in very good health but continue to take Jill’s advice on supplements, herbs and general lifestyle.  I have recommended several of my friends and family to Brighton Natural Solutions and always have one of her business cards in my purse, just in case I bump into someone that I think would benefit from her knowledge and experience.
Georgina James, 40, Artist & Interior Designer


Eight years ago I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. My doctor gave me drugs which helped with the symptoms, but recently I decided to look for a more natural alternative. It was then that I was introduced to Jill. It took two or three months for Jill’s treatment to take effect but then I had two periods in three months! One year on and I am having normal periods for the first time in years, my weight has stabilised and I feel a lot happier knowing that I haven’t had to rely on drugs to make this happen.
Maria, 32, Nurse


Jill, I will never be able to thank you enough for helping me recover from chronic cystitis with which I had been suffering for two-plus years. Conventional medicine offered me nothing except antibiotics and a demoralising ‘live with it’. Within days of regularly taking your herbal tincture, the pain was reduced. Over a number of months of taking the tincture, I was eventually completely free of pain and haven’t suffered from cystitis since (it’s been four years now). Thank you Jill!
Robin Shaw, 50, Artist

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