What is Naturopathy?

This philosophy was first taught by Hippocrates in the 5th century BC and has been perpetuated over the years by many other famous physicians. It does not view germs or disease symptoms as the enemy: they are merely an indication that your body chemistry is out of balance.

Just as a plant can only thrive in certain conditions, so it is with germs. Viruses and bacteria need the right conditions in order to survive. Through correct nutrition and lifestyle factors you can avoid disease by making your body inhospitable to these negative influences.

Disease symptoms and pain are your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong. If you ignore these messages, your health will continue to deteriorate until you are forced to take notice. It is important, therefore, that you listen to your body and understand the messages it is sending you.

In a Naturopathic consultation this is achieved through in-depth questioning working through all your body systems. All systems in your body are connected and an imbalance in any one of them can manifest in any other area. A headache, for example, is not necessarily symptomatic of a brain tumour! It may be caused by dehydration, exposure to chemicals, fatigue, blood sugar imbalances, or any number of other factors.

This questioning process allows your Naturopath to understand the root-cause of your dis-ease, then taking into account your personality and lifestyle, design the most appropriate treatment plan for you.

Your naturopathic treatment may include any of the following practices:

Herbal Medicine Brighton, SussexHerbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine is the oldest and most widely used form of medicine in the world. Throughout history people have turned to plants to help cure their ills and many of today’s pharmaceutical drugs are based on this traditional knowledge. Whereas modern drugs extract and copy only the ‘active constituent’ of a plant, herbal medicine uses extracts from the whole leaf, root or berry which contain many other constituents. These work in combination to enhance the effect of the active constituent without causing the side-effects associated with many of today’s drugs.


The body demands certain substances in order to function properly. It takes these substances from the external environment and the food you eat. Vitamins and minerals help support chemical reactions in the body and proteins, carbohydrates and fats form the basic building blocks. If the quality of these materials is poor, the quality of the body itself, (ie its state of health) will be poor. Nutrition remains the easiest and most effective way of maintaining health and as part of your consultation you will be given individual advice on diet, taking into account your tastes and lifestyle.

emotrance & eftEFT & EmoTrance

EFT and EmoTrance (Emotional Transformation) are both forms of ‘energy psychology’. They are powerful techniques that quickly and effectively dissolve mental and emotional blocks, from minor stresses to deep-seated negative thought patterns, memories and phobias.


The eyes are windows through which we can look out at the world and through them we can also see what is happening inside the body. Connected to the rest of the body via the brain and nervous system, the iris is like a ‘map’ allowing the practitioner to identify strengths and weaknesses in any organ or tissue of the body. Studying the iris can also reveal your basic constitution and vitality level, helping your practitioner to determine which treatment plan will be most effective for you.


Reiki is a Japanese hands-on healing art, which helps to promote balance and harmony on the physical, mental and emotional planes. It is non-invasive, extremely relaxing and effective for a wide range of mental/emotional as well as physical conditions.


Massage is one of the oldest healing traditions known to man, but its therapeutic benefits are often overlooked in today’s society. Massage does more than just ‘pamper’; it can help relieve aches and pains, reduce stress and tension, promoting deep relaxation and a greater sense of well-being.

Flower Essences

Developed by Dr Edward Bach, flower essences are used to rebalance the negative emotions and moods that overcome each of us from time to time. From absent-mindedness to grief and utter gloom, there are remedies to suit every state of mind. Each preparation is individually tailored to suit your moods and emotions, helping you return to a happy and healthy outlook on life.

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